Wholesale Marketing Strategy Ideas for Distributors

Building a wholesale marketing strategy is quite essential if you want to grow your wholesale business in 2022 to the next level. Hence, this guide will discuss multiple marketing strategies for wholesale distributions that will ultimately produce numerous results.

Wholesale Marketing Strategy

If you’re providing to provide you with certain versatile strategies, you can easily adapt your wholesale business if you’re just starting to add wholesale to your online store, or if you’ve already had a wholesale side to your own business for a while and need to focus again on growing it, or even if wholesale is the only aspect you need to go ahead. To grow your wholesale business, you need to get more wholesale customers and get larger, more frequent orders. You will easily get familiar with the wholesale packages in this guide.

As a wholesale distributor, you need to get a consistent customer to purchase your products. Having such return customers enables you to keep your operations streamlined. Still, you must adapt to new wholesale customers in the same way to boost your small business to the next level.

1.  Formulate your Wholesale Marketing Strategy

Marketing plans don’t have to be more complicated than other documents. In particular, the best part is to write it down on a single or multiple pages. If it seems to be self-explanatory, that is generally going to be quite easier for execution purposes. The sad part is that most people try multiple random things and then throw their arms up in the air and declare that the “marketing” aspects of their business don’t work altogether.

It is exactly in which we don’t want to come across as a driving force to generate greater insights into a marketing strategy that most entrepreneurs tend to get valuable feedback from those who have recently written about the lessons they have learned growing a 5-star business:

If you want to read the tactics below, you need to commit to trying the one that resonates with you, but with the sole focus on what actually works. Because it will be distinguishable for each business, you don’t need to be afraid to try something, and then you need to cut it if you find it doesn’t work for you. In other words, you need to plan to test many things, but as soon as you find something that is working, double down on it.

2.  Focus Your Wholesale Marketing Strategy on Multiple Areas

A focused marketing strategy with a few key tactics that actually work is far more perfect than a precise marketing strategy. Also, you can distribute the overall wholesale marketing strategy into three core areas:

  • Attract new wholesale customers.
  • Get enormous orders from your current wholesale customers.
  • Increase sales revenue in terms of order size from your wholesalers.

The above handful of tactics will provide each area to test, but there might arise a specific question to revive your mind right now. At a high level, you can easily promote your wholesale business in terms of creating a marketing plan, making a list of ideal businesses, and adapting cold-calling tactics, direct emails, and cold-email tactics via sending samples to identify the potential wholesalers on your customer lists.

For instance, multiple WordPress plugins and WooCommerce platforms are considered versatile solutions to promote your wholesale marketing strategy to the next level. Significantly, our Wholesale for WooCommerce offers users the most advanced WooCommerce B2B eCommerce solution for executing a hybrid wholesale B2B/B2C store.

3.  Build a Resonant Consumer Base Using Wholesale for WooCommerce

Precisely, Wholesale for WooCommerce offers you a valuable partnership and resonant customer exposure. Whether online or offline, you can easily ensure that your customers are getting seamless assistance when and where it is required. Also, you can train your sales and customer support representatives to interact with your potential customers in a friendly and professional manner to empower them to make precise decisions that put the customers first.

If your products are technical in nature, you can also provide in-store training programs for your key accounts so that the employees can effectively sell your products in an intuitive manner. Furthermore, omnichannel sales and customer service is expected to be progressed on B2B merchants and wholesalers, your sales representatives, eCommerce platform, mobile apps, and relevant customers points are required to provide a result-oriented experience.

4.  List of Industry Directories

Industry directories can easily make your wholesale business viable to your esteemed target audiences in an easy and streamlined manner. Also, the industry’s directories can be in online or offline forms. Some of the top online industry directories are classified as Kompass and IQS Directory. At the same time, offline directories can be generally associated with specific terms and conditions. If you want to list them, you will be required to become a member of the publishing industry association.

You may be required to list in city-level, state-level, or country-level directories depending on the locations of your target consumers. Also, you need to ensure all the essential details are correct, such as the phone number, email address, postal address, business locations, brand names, and additional years. You may also list directory-based marketplaces such as Alibaba. It also has the potential to give you certain orders as well.

5.  Catalog & Take Orders Online

This wholesale strategy consists of the following steps:

1st Step: You need to buy a domain name such as xyz.com on NameCheap. The domain name should preferably be your business name.

2nd Step: Build an online store via Shopify. You don’t need any help from an expert. Hence, Shopify makes it very easy for any business owner to create an online store via drag-and-drop elements.

3rd Step: Take pictures of your products and upload them to the Shopify panel. You will need to insert a description, price, and many more.

4th Step: In Shopify, you can add an app named “Catalog Maker.” This app automatically generates catalogs for wholesale customers.

5th Step: Begin promoting your online store and catalog link to your prospects.

By using the steps mentioned above, you can easily build a wholesale product catalog and distribute it digitally to your potential clients. Additionally, your potential customers can also order directly from the website. The wholesale online store is a seamless way to

  • updates the clients on prices
  • It displays the products
  • Distributes the product catalog
  • accepts multiple orders and payments
  • Updates on industry news and current events

As a full-fledged addon, you may also use the wholesale pricing app, named Wholesaler. This app helps you put different prices on your website for different groups of people who might be interested in wholesale strategies.

6.  Build Relationships with Influencers

Influencers are the individuals who influence the decisions of their followers. You need to think of them as experts in their specific industries. Generally, influencers promote a product they like or admire for multiple commissions or based on the transaction fee. So why should you not form a partnership with them to drive an enormous number of sales orders?

Also, you may use a platform such as Influence to find some influencers in your industry. Alternatively, you may also use industry contacts to get in touch with some well-known industry influencers. The key aspect is to convince the influencers to promote their products and to ensure that you pitch them effectively. If you want to avoid any hassle, entering into a legal agreement with the influencer is also preferable. Also, ensure that you include the following statements in the agreement:

  • Promotion Period
  • Promotion Platforms
  • Fees or commissions may apply.
  • Promotions Proof
  • To be charged a fee or commission
  • Payment Mode
  • Payment Frequency

The customer quality preferred by the influencers is usually of a high category. Also, you don’t need to pitch much to them. Also, the influencer has to make a legal agreement to pitch to them. As the influencer has done almost all the work for you,

7. Provide Merchandising for the Customer Outlets

Basically, merchandise is the presentation of the material used to promote the sales of goods. Generally, they are found at retail outlets or stores. They can be in formats such as signage, glow sign boards, posters, stands, t-shirts, and many more. You also need to get it simple, clear, and consistent, and your products will sell only when individuals buy them from your potential customers, i.e., retail stores.

Also, how do individuals purchase your products from your potential customers? For this purpose, you need to prompt the wholesale advertising strategies for your products so that more people know about them. Hence, merchandise materials work similarly to serve this purpose. Furthermore, investing money to get some merchandising materials is needed to be prepared. After that, you need to use the same tactic among your retail customers. Always ensure that your merchandise items are classified as:

  • unique and attractive
  • It consists of contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses
  • Have a displayable brand logo and business name
  • You can display your range of products

You can easily ensure merchandise materials by contacting agencies, as merchandise not only assists in the selling of your products but also helps in marketing aspects. It helps your brand strategy and the product get ahead in the marketplace.


In a nutshell, the wholesale business is an exciting and revolutionary industry with the proper planning and execution to achieve tremendous success. There are a lot of wholesale marketing strategy ideas for distributors that you can use to boost your brand’s image to the next level.

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