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Why Should You Sell Wholesale Apparel?

In early, garments served as a shield between the human body and its immediate environment. Over time, fresh styles emerged, giving rise to the fashion business. The apparel business produces men’s, women’s, and children’s clothes and other intimate wear. One of the industries that are most in demand right now is clothing manufacturing, according to Statista. In 2022 the global apparel industry was worth $1.5 trillion.

The garment sector is crucial to the growth of a nation’s economy. Global sourcing and intense price rivalry are forcing a significant transformation in the industry. Positive change in the worldwide garment market has been attributed to favorable demographics, increased disposable incomes, and a move towards branded clothing. According to research, around 3,000 garment companies enter the market daily. The most popular products of the apparel industry are;




Kids Clothes

Men’s Clothes

Women’s Clothes

Fashion Accessories

Be part of the wholesale apparel industry with our WooCommerce plugin. Start selling your products in bulk to witness rapid business growth. This WordPress plugin provides you with the functionalities to run an online store suitable for B2B and B2C clients. The wholesale apparel products plugin is ideal for building a unique online store that buyers will love.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is Wholesale for WooCommerce free?

Our apparel wholesale plugin is priced at $99, billed annually. However, if you want to try it, you can install Wholesale for WooCommerce Lite. You can use the lite version for free and witness your WordPress store transform into a hybrid B2C+B2B eCommerce shop.

Which Apparel is Best to Sell with This Wholesale Solution?

Our wholesale apparel plugin is ideal for selling anything in this industry. You can sell clothes, fashion accessories, shoes, bags, and whatever you can handle.

After installing the Apparel Wholesale Plugin, can we still Operate as a B2C?

Wholesale for WooCommerce provides you with the right tools to make your website perfect for wholesale distribution. With the help of the Custom User Roles and Private Store for Wholesale Customers features, you can hide wholesale prices and products for non-logged-in or guest users on the shop page.

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