Private Store for
B2B WooCommerce

Create a private wholesale-only area on your WooCommerce website. Hide your store’s content that can only be unlocked with a secret password. Control who sees your store and its elements by defining access criteria for categories, products, and prices. 

Private Store for WooCommerce Features

Take a Look at Some of the Most Prominent Features Available in Private Store for WooCommerce

Hide Wholesale Prices & Products

Hide wholesale prices and products for non-logged-in or guest user on the shop page;

Restrict Access

Restrict access and control who can view your wholesale store.

Unlock with a Secret Password

Enable password-protection on your wholesale-only store.

Hide Product Categories

Optionally restrict any product category’s visibility.

Disable Coupon Codes

Disable coupon codes for wholesale customers so only retailers can use them.

Control Product Visibility

Restrict product visibility for specific customers so that items can be purchased by retail customers only.

Role-based Product Visibility Restrictions

Hide wholesale prices and products from single or multiple wholesale user roles.

Customize Settings & Save Time

Save time from customizing product visibility settings individually.

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