The Most Powerful & Complete Wholesale Solution For Your WooCommerce Store

Control everything you need to sell your customers through a woocommerce wholesale plugin that lets you manage your product pricing, ordering processes, and multiple wholesale user roles.   

The ultimate wholesale plugin for WooCommerce that allows you to configure your store to display and sell products with wholesale prices.

Boost the overall sales of your WooCommerce store by tenfold - Unlock powerful wholesale woocommerce features through a single plugin. Create a fully-featured wholesale area for your WooCommerce store within minutes.


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Why Choose Us?

We help you manage wholesale prices for bulk products with ease

We help WooCommerce stores create and manage woocommerce wholesale pricing plans across multiple levels. Add wholesale prices for both simple and variable products – Simple, Easy & Effective.

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Wholesale For WooCommerce FEATURES

Premium Marketing Solutions For Your Wholesale

Requisition list

Requisition list allows your users to create a list of items that they order frequently or save to order on a later date.

wholesale icon

Custom payment methods

Allow or restrict wholesale user roles from using custom payment methods.

wholesale icon

Wholesale coupons

Allow or restrict wholesale user roles from using wholesale coupons.

Tier Pricing

Create Tiered Pricing Rules

Create multiple pricing tiers for products, categories, and global settings.

Order email notification

Notification for Specific User Roles

Send order notifications or custom emails to specific user roles.

Wholesale Manual Orders

Add Wholesale Products Manually

Admin can manually add wholesale products to a customer’s order.

Add Wholesale Pricing

Add Wholesale Pricing For WooCommerce Products

Manage wholesale prices for single or multiple products with ease. Set flexible pricing options that suit your business model – Save both time and money.

Option To Change Pricing Labels

Option To Change Pricing Labels

Create different pricing labels just for your wholesale customers — Edit and change prices for the products that you have listed for wholesale.

Translation Using WPML Plugin

Translation Using WPML Plugin

Customize your own language with the simplest of ease, or provide translations to your customers by using the WPML plugin – 100% User-friendly & Compatible.

Define Manage Wholesale User Roles

Define & Manage Wholesale User Roles

Create and manage wholesale user roles by defining different discounts, pricing options, and features for your customers.

Interface To Manage Approval

Interface To Manage Approval/Rejection Requests

Easy-to-use back end interface that lets you manage user requests for wholesale registration. Want to keep it simple? Auto-approve all requests with just a click!

Customize Your Front End

Customize Your Front End Wholesale Registration Form

Allow logged-in users to register through a customized front end wholesale registration form designed to segregate your wholesale customers by their preferences.

Set Minimum Order Quantity

Set Minimum Order Quantity

Allow wholesale prices and checkout to only those wholesale customers that have reached a minimum quantity of orders in their cart.

Restrict Product Category Visibility

Restrict Product Visibility

Control product visibility settings for specific wholesale user roles – Allow wholesale customers to see wholesale-only products on your WooCommerce store.

Tax Exemptions

Tax Exemptions

Exempt wholesale user roles from paying taxes. Control the ability to allow tax exemption for wholesale users with a certificate proving their tax-exempt status.

wholesale icons

Step quantity

Set the product's minimum or maximum quantity and step of each product individually.

wholesale icon product attachment

Product attachments

Attach downloadable files to the product’s page (icon, title, attachment, text for download link).

Wholesale Reports

Wholesale Reports

Create sales reports for better decision-making and sales tracking.

Wholesale Specific Tax Type

Wholesale Specific Tax Type

Choose a Wholesaler Role and a Tax Class.

Wholesale Price Column Products Page

Wholesale Price Column Products Page

Edit the product for wholesale pricing.

Front end Price Override

Front-end price override:

Wholesale For WooCommerce is featured with an overriding price function; you can override product prices for wholesaler users from backend settings.

Bulk Wholesale Price

Bulk Wholesale Price:

Wholesale for WooCommerce enables you to offer selected buyers the ability to purchase items in bulk at wholesale bulk prices.

Unlimited Wholesale User Roles

Unlimited Wholesale User Roles:

Wholesale for WooCommerce allows you to create unlimited wholesale user roles and define different discounts for each role through products.

Restrict Product Category Visibility

Restrict product category visibility:

Wholesale For WooCommerce is featured with an overriding price function; you can override product prices for wholesaler users from backend settings.

View Only Wholesale Users

View Only Wholesale Users:

You can control which customers can see wholesale prices on your website. Only the wholesaler can view wholesale priced products.

Variable Products

Variable Products:

Wholesale for WooCommerce allows you to define different discounts for each variable product.

Global Minimum Quantity

Global Minimum Quantity:

Wholesale for WooCommerce allows you to apply global minimum quantity restrictions for wholesalers on your store.

Minimum Quantity Per Product

Minimum Quantity Per Product:

The product will not add to the cart until the Minimum Quantity is not met. You can apply it per product as well for wholesale buyers.

Minimum Quantity

Minimum Quantity Restriction Alert Message:

Wholesale for WooCommerce generates an error message when the cart does not meet the minimum quantity requirements.

Disallow Ordering Until the Minimum Quantity Met

Disallow Ordering Until the Minimum Quantity Met:

Wholesale For wooCoomerce doesn't allow wholesale users to Add to cart and order the products until they buy it following the minimum order quantity criteria.

Global Percentage Discount

Global Percentage Discount:

Set wholesale pricing Globally across your store by using a percentage discount instead of setting prices per product individually.

Product Category Percentage

Product Category Percentage Discount:

You can now apply percentage discounts or fixed discounts on a category instead of setting individual discounted prices per product.

Minimum Quantity

Minimum Quantity for Variable Products from Bulk Action:

You can set minimum order quantity for variable products too that are available for sale in bulk quantity for wholesale buyers.

Variable Range Display


Display a variable range of products for wholesale users and apply minimum quantity and discount filters on variable products too

Override Price Suffix in tax

Override Price Suffix in (Tax option):

Override prices suffix for wholesale customers from tax settings available in the backend.

Percentage Based Prices

Percentage Based Prices:

Set percentage-based prices for wholesale users and show prices with the discount along with the original amount.

Inclusive Exclusive Tax Price Display


Choose whether wholesale customers can see prices inclusive or exclusive of tax throughout your store.

Shipping Address forms Fields

Shipping Address forms Fields:

Display shipping address forms fields where users add an apartment number, suite, or other “secondary” address information.

Enable or Disable Shipping Methods

Enable or Disable Shipping methods:

Enable or Disable Shipping methods for Wholesale users which allows you to restrict shipping methods for wholesale users on the checkout page.

Specific Role Variation

Specific Role Variation:

When you set one variation for a specific role, then that particular variation will not be displayed to another role.

Cancel Subscription Functionality

Cancel Subscription Functionality:

When a subscription is canceled, Variable Subscription Role will be removed and the customer will no longer be a subscriber.

Disable Payment Methods

Disable Payment Methods:

Disable or restrict any payment gateway you desire from the backend settings.

Disable Coupon Codes


Disable specific coupon codes from being used on the cart or checkout page.

Allow Backoreders


Allow wholesale users to place an order even if the product is out of stock.

Product Bundles Integration


Wholesale for WooCommerce is compatible with the Product Bundle plugin.

Uninstall Plugin Option


Uninstall Wholesale for WooCommerce from your WordPress powered site at any time you want.

Multisite Compatible


Wholesale for WooComerce extension is Multisite compatible; you can install it in multiple WordPress powered sites to run your online stores for wholesale business.

Disable Payment Methods

Upgrade Customer:

Normal customers can upgrade their account as a wholesaler role from my account page (Condition: if upgrade customer settings are enabled from backend).

Upgrade Tab Text

Upgrade Tab Text:

Admin can write any type of text on the upgrade tab, and it will be visible to customers on the frontend (for example Upgrade your account, Renew your account, etc.)

Request Again Submit

Request Again Submit:

When the admin rejects a customer for the wholesale role, then this customer still can send the request again by filling the form (Request Again Submit setting should be enabled)

Admin Notification

Admin Notification:

Wholesale for wooCommerce provides you the feature when a customer gets registered; then, the admin receives a notification about this activity.

User Request Approval Request

User Request Approval Request:

When a customer gets registered, and admin approves its request for the first time, then the customer receives a notification.

User Role Upgrade Notification

User Role Upgrade Notification:

When a customer sends a request for user role upgrade and admin approves it, then the customer receives a notification for request acceptance.

Custom CSS Option In Registration Form

Custom CSS option in Registration Form:

We can add custom CSS to registration form from wholesale settings. It only applies to the registration form.

Integration With Woocommerce Subscription Products

Integration With WooCommerce Subscription Products

Integration With WooCommerce Subscription Products Create Variable Subscription products with corresponding attributes and product variations.

Organize Your Dashboard With A Filter

Organize Your Dashboard with a Filter

Organize your dashboard with a filter for wholesale and retail orders Wholesale for WooCommerce will split your incoming orders into two categories: wholesalers and non-wholesalers.

Override Registration Form On My Account Page

Override Registration form on my Account Page

Override registration form on my-account page Override the registration form on the my-account page so that guest users can register without clicking on the registration page.

Support for Bulk Order Form for Woocommerce

Support for Bulk Order Form for WooCommerce

Support for Bulk Order Form for WooCommerce Create one-page wholesale bulk order forms with Bulk Order Form for WooCommerce.

Support for Bulk Shop for Woocommerce

Support for Bulk Shop for WooCommerce

Support for Bulk Shop for WooCommerce The Bulk Shop extension makes it fast to bulk shop products and variables using a responsive table.

Support for Bulk Variation Forms

Support for Bulk Variation Forms

Support for Bulk Variation Forms WooCommerce Bulk Variation Forms allows your users to add multiple variations of a product to their cart from a single form.

Support for Currency Switcher For Woocommerce

Support for Currency Switcher For WooCommerce

Support for Currency Switcher For WooCommerce Currency Switcher for WooCommerce is a widget that allows visitors to switch between currencies according to their Location.

New Icons Cart Total Discount

Cart Total Discount

Create discounts for the cart's total amount that is applied at checkout.

WooCommerce Wholesale Pricing

Learn about the Features Each Pricing Plan Has To Offer


1 Site
$ 99
  • Multiple User Roles (Wholesaler, Retailer e.t.c).
  • Tax Exemptions
  • Manage Multi Step Wholesale pricing
  • Global discounts for user roles
  • And many more ...

I've had the privilege of testing out the Wholesale Plugin for WooCommerce when I needed a plugin that displays different prices to wholesalers as compared to the ones shown to my regular customers. Smart, easy-to-use, and saves a lot of time.

Steve Kemble


The Wholesale plugin for WooCommerce is something special! Not only did it save me tons of time setting up prices for my wholesale customers, but it also let me set product visibility on items that were not for wholesale.

Charlie Kemp


I couldn't believe how much this plugin had to offer until I tried it for myself. If you're selling wholesale products, the Wholesale plugin for WooCommerce is no less than a savior of your time and money.

Isabella Vasquez

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