Top Exporting Countries to Find the Best B2B Suppliers in 2022

Are you tired of targeting a small audience? Do you want to expand your business and begin trading with other companies? Well, in order to make that possible, you’ll have to become a wholesaler who can sell products to global B2B clients. If you already have a B2C website, you can start selling in bulk with the Wholesale for WooCommerce plugin—a powerful wholesale solution for your WooCommerce store. 

Top Exporting Countries

However, finding the right suppliers and buyers plays a significant role in helping your business grow and succeed. If you fail to connect with the right suppliers, you’ll eventually never get your hands on a quality product you can sell globally. In addition, once you have your perfect product, finding the right market is what you should focus on next.

This article will provide a list of the top exporting countries where you can find the leading B2B suppliers and how to connect with them this year. 

Top Exporting Nations for 2022

The countries mentioned below have been leading in global exports for years. Whether you look back in 2019 or even 2020, when COVID-19 started shutting everything down, these countries maintained their exports as much as possible.

Exporting Nations


China is the world’s largest and top exporting country. China is in a trade war with the USA due to their political differences, but it still managed to top this list. This Asian giant is also considered the manufacturing hub of tech products. 

The high supply and low labor costs give them the upper hand in the global market. In fact, this aspect has encouraged many leading organizations like Samsung and Apple to get their products manufactured in China. In 2021, China exported approximately 3.36 trillion USD worth of goods. China is home to some of the world’s top B2B and B2C enterprises. You’ve all probably heard of Alibaba, to name one. Alibaba is a leading online B2B marketplace that helps global buyers connect with local Chinese suppliers. This organization has also ruled the B2C market with the eCommerce platform AliExpress. As of December 2020, AliExpress had over 150 million buyers. 

If you are looking for a quality supplier, then China is where you should begin your search!

The United States of America

The USA is the second-largest exporter in the world. Known as the world’s largest economy, this nation just had to be on the list. In 2020, the USA recorded exports of over 2.12 trillion USD. North America is blessed with various natural resources contributing to its rising exports. In addition to that, the undisputed superpower is home to some of the largest organizations in the world like Apple, Microsoft, Meta, and Google.

The USA relies on crude oil, refined petroleum oil, cars, and gases. If you are looking for suppliers of energy commodities, then the USA is the country you should focus on. 


Germany is the largest European economy. Growth can be seen in the German economy for over a decade. In 2020, Germany exported over 1.67 trillion USD worth of goods and services. This nation is also considered one of the more technologically advanced countries in the world. 

Vehicles account for more than 15% of all German exports. German exports include automobiles from Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW. Aside from that, Germany is well-known for exporting machinery and pharmaceuticals.


Japanese products are appreciated globally. Even after getting involved in a war with the USA, this economy never slowed down. In fact, currently, Japan is 2nd top exporting country in Asia. Also, Japan is the world’s 3rd biggest car manufacturer. Japanese vehicles are appreciated globally for their high quality and low cost. Some of the top organizations in Japan are Honda, Suzuki, Mazda, Toyota, Sony, Panasonic, and Nintendo. The top importers of Japanese products are China, the USA, South Korea, and Taiwan. 

The United Kingdom

The UK is another leading automobile exporter on the list and is ranked 5th in the top exporting countries. The European nation exported over 770.5 billion dollars worth of goods and services in 2020. The UK’s top exports include automobiles, medicines, gold, gas turbines, and hard liquor. 

Buyers from the USA, Germany, France and the Netherlands are the top importers of UK products. Though this nation is ranked fifth, they tend to rise in the future with more exports. 

How to Connect with Suppliers from the Top Exporting Countries

Top Exporting Countries

If you want to succeed as a leading wholesaler in your local and international markets, you must find the right suppliers. Or, if you have the investment required to set up your own manufacturing plant, that could do wonders for you.

Countless sellers are ready to sell in all the top exporting countries listed. You just need to use the right channel or platform to reach out to them.

Social Media Groups, Forums, Other Professional Networks

How active are you on Facebook or LinkedIn? Well, these social platforms are home to many leading organizations. Many groups on Facebook can help you interact with leading suppliers in your industry. Search for such groups and join them today.

Also, if you haven’t created your business profile on LinkedIn yet, you’re missing out on an exceptional opportunity. With the help of LinkedIn, you can directly interact with leading suppliers of your product regardless of where they are located. In addition, you’ll also generate a social identity that will attract international B2B suppliers to reach out to you directly. 

Attend a B2B Trade Show

B2B trade shows are considered one of the most powerful and effective ways to grow and build your wholesale business. These events are hosted to help retailers connect with wholesalers and manufacturers.

Trade shows allow you to meet face-to-face with many leading suppliers in a single day. These interactions can be very effective as you avoid the communication difficulties that may occur online. Due to the recent pandemic, you’ll now see many virtual trade shows taking place throughout the year. You can benefit from such show trade events as you can be present without stepping out of your home. There is no need to spend money to travel to another country to participate in a tradeshow. 

Explore Major B2B Marketplaces

There are many huge online B2B marketplaces where you can find leading suppliers to purchase your next lot of goods. Alibaba, the Chinese eCommerce giant, is the top B2B marketplace for importers, wholesalers, importers, and manufacturers. However, you can also rely on Alibaba B2B competitors alternatives that have made a strong impact with their global services. 

  • EC21 (Korea)
  • Global Sources (USA)
  • Thomasnet (USA)
  • Made-in-China (China)
  • EC Plaza (Korea)

Choose the B2B platform with suppliers ready to deal with businesses from your country or region. These platforms also offer premium services that assist you in generating leads and finding the best supplier. 

Make Sure Your First Contact is Productive

Once you have a list of potential suppliers you can reach out to, contact them and ask the following questions:

  • Their minimum order quantity?
  • Are their wholesale unit prices?
  • The region or country they supply?

You can contact these manufacturers or suppliers via phone or email. To find the best match for your business, always be honest with what you are looking for. Also, avoid sounding bigger than you are. 

Don’t fear informing the people you talk to that you are looking at other competitors. This can assist you with getting better prices, even if you are an SMB. 

Wrap Up

Your first wholesale supplier may not be a long-term vendor you deal with. It may take time to connect with a supplier with whom you can maintain a strong long-term relationship. You may also buy from businesses from the top exporting countries mentioned above. As long as the supplier meets your demands and supplies products within your budget, you’ve nothing to worry about. Regardless of your challenges, creating your perfect supply chain should be your ultimate goal.

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