How to Maximize the Use Of Different User Role-Based Prices And Discounts in Wholesale for WooCommerce

Today, customers seem to be loyal to an online store or business when they consistently acquire special requirements and preferences. Several enterprises
are adapting multiple ways to cover all the needs of retailers, online merchants, and other groups.

Wholesale for WooCommerce offers multiple user role discounts when you’re looking to provide a discount to a special customer retention group in your personalized store. Hence, in this article, multiple scenarios are discussed to take  an exclusive benefit of role-based discounts and pricing plans.

What is Wholesale for WooCommerce

Wholesale for WooCommerce gives you complete authority over the functionality of your online store. There are the following levels for enabling or disabling multiple discounts in Wholesale for WooCommerce.

Custom User Role-Based Pricing

Using the wholesale multi-user role creation feature not only allows you to manage pricing packages with multiple user roles. However, you can also define different discounts for each role with supportability for simplistic and variable products. Furthermore, the users view wholesale discounts, and price rates (Global, Product-Category, Product-Base) provided in their respective roles.

Build an easy-to-use business model that takes care of wholesale pricing and discounts rate on global, category, and individual wholesale settings of products.

Different Roles & Setting

It provides you the option to create multiple discounts and pricing packages for multiple user roles. Such settings include (Global, Product-Category, Product) can easily be constituted contrary to each product variable or the user role.

Different Roles and Settings

Support for Simple & Variable Products

It would be best to define your store’s user role hierarchy based on their business needs. The multi-user role functionality allows you to configure numerous settings for simple products and products with multiple distinctions, each with its custom settings.

Simple and Variable Products

Manage Category and Product Visibility

Build product variations that are only viewable by wholesale consumers. Apart from this, you can also hide “retail only” products, prices, labels, and saves wholesalers’ prices, and hides product categories of wholesale from retail consumers.

Manage category and product visibility

Category Product Wholesale Pricing

This product can set wholesale pricing for product categories to apply their prices to all products related to the specific category. You can easily set different prices for multiple wholesale roles by enabling multiple pricing role options.Category Product Wholesale Pricing

Step 1: Go to WooCommerce Products, click on categories. The screen popups, allowing the admin to add or edit a category.
Category Product Wholesale Pricing

Step 2: Go to edit category, enable wholesale role, choose the discount type, and add the wholesale price and minimum quantity.

Category Product Wholesale Pricing 3

Step 3: You can insert a fixed amount of wholesale discount type and enter the wholesale amount and minimum quantity fields.

Category Product Wholesale Pricing

Step 4: You can edit your category type, enable wholesale prices, discount type, enter the wholesale amount, insert the minimum quantity.

The above procedure highlights that all the products linked with that category display the entered wholesale amount. For Instance, in the clothing category, if the selected discount type is a percentage and the selected amount of 90% is entered into the wholesale amount, then a 10% discount is provided on all the products associated with the clothing category.

Global Wholesale Pricing

Users can apply wholesale pricing to all products that have a regular price rate. There are two types available in global settings, product category settings, and individual product settings.

  • Discount Types: There are two types of discounts available, either fixed or percentage. It is a general setting that applies to all enabled products.
  • Fixed Amount: Adjust a fixed wholesale amount for your users, either for a single wholesale role or multiple user roles. For Instance, if the wholesale price is $25, it can apply to all products, and the wholesale consumer’s product price is $25.

Global Wholesale Pricing

  • Percentage Amount: Adjust the wholesale amount based on percentage. It is well-suited to provide discounts to your wholesale users when you have many products in your store. For Instance, if the wholesale percentage set to 80%, your wholesale customer might receive a 20% discount from the overall retail price. Thus, if your product costs around $50 in retail, then the wholesaler’s price is set at $40 after giving a 20% discount.

Global Wholesale Pricing

  • Enter Wholesale Amount: It provides the wholesale price that you want to provide to your consumers. It is not a discounted amount, which enables you to enter the wholesale selling price here. Significantly, this is an available option that applies to all products.


  • Minimum Amount of Quantity: Enters the minimum amount of product for wholesalers to discount the products. Otherwise, they can purchase it at the regular price rates.

Single Pricing Role

Front-End Minimum Quantity View

Front-End Minimum Quantity View

Front-End Minimum Quantity View

How to Disable Coupon Codes for Wholesale Customers?

The admin can disable coupons for a specific wholesale customer or all wholesale customers, navigate wholesale, and click on user roles. The user can add a new role or edit an existing role and disable coupons for the selected roles.

Disable Coupon Codes for Wholesale Customers Add Disable Coupon Codes for Wholesale Customers Add

Furthermore, the coupon codes explicitly made for the retailers can be easily disabled for wholesale user roles. Admin can also disable specific coupon codes on the shopping cart and the checkout page.

Disable Coupon Codes for Wholesale Customers


Thus, if you want to provide multiple discounts for wholesale users, following the above steps, you can provide discounts on category, global, and user-role-based price roles. You can also disable coupon codes for retailers or wholesalers based on the preferences of the users.

Read the technical documentation for further information.

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