How to Attract More Wholesale Customers in 2022?

Product marketing can become a challenge for wholesalers. Selling in the B2B sector, decision-making can be notoriously complex. Wholesale customers habitually compare vendors concerning the best deals, prices, delivery, and location. This year, we can help you promote your products and get more wholesale customers by giving you a few powerful ideas.

attract more wholesale customer

With the help of effective digital marketing and smart offline ideas, you can enhance lead generation and grow your business rapidly. Here are a few tactics you should consider for attracting new wholesale customers.

6 Ways to Attract New Wholesale Customers


1.     Create an Attractive Landing Page

Your landing page is the page your users land on when they visit your website. In addition, it also serves as the first impression your customers will have of your business.

However, to make the first impression an unforgettable experience, you can create a unique landing page for marketing purposes. The core purpose behind this page will be to push your customers down the sales funnel and capture potential leads. The average conversion rate of a landing page is 26%. If you want to increase this rate, you’ll have to optimize your landing page according to your potential prospects.

Three main elements need to be focused on to create the perfect landing page.

  • Mention your unique selling points (USP) that make you stand out. For example, you can write about your huge product lineup, after-sales service, free returns, low MOQ, and/or low prices.
  • Reviews or social proof of your products and services. Show your new customers that you have a happy clientele that is satisfied with trading with your organization.
  • An engaging call to action (CTA). A ‘buy now’ button or ‘click for more information’ button will help direct your potential customers to take action. A good CTA will stop your leads from running off to a competitor’s website.

2. Samples are Always Motivating

It is a traditional trick in the wholesale marketing playbook, yet it offers exceptional results. Free samples sent to business decision-makers can attract them. It can also convince them to reach out to you for an order if they like your product. – And, who doesn’t love free stuff?

There is no need to draw up a technical plan for this strategy. Simply, create a list of business owners you want to deal with, send them your best samples, and follow up with a call within a few days. If they are satisfied with your sample, they’ll definitely show an interest in buying from you.

3. Referrals from Existing Wholesale Customers

First-hand referrals from your existing wholesale clients can attract many new businesses. Trust is crucial when it comes to wholesale buying and selling. Since the stakes are higher, a strong referral from a well-known company can give your business the credibility it needs to look like a strong and reliable company.

You can begin by simply asking your present customers to pass your details to other businesses in the same industry. If you have managed to develop a strong relationship, there is a strong chance of getting referred. To make this process more effective, you can offer incentives in the form of discounts for those clients that refer your business and bring in a new order.

4. Manage your Pricing to Attract more Wholesale Customers

Wholesale pricing is usually lower than retail prices. However, not all your potential customers will understand that. You can use this as a plus point by telling them the difference. For example, you can display wholesale prices at the front end.

If you are using WooCommerce, you won’t be able to do that initially. However, with the help of a leading wholesale plugin, you can easily set prices comfortably. The Wholesale for WooCommerce is an exceptional plugin that helps you transform your WooCommerce store into a wholesale store. This plugin lets you run your B2C and B2B stores side by side with a multiple-user role wholesale pricing feature. You can create multiple roles and show different prices according to the type of user visiting your website.

pricing at wholesale

5. Contact Retailers Directly

What is one of the most obvious ways to attract more wholesale customers? Pick up your phone and contact them directly!

While planning your marketing strategy, two elements need to be focused on. How will you attract new wholesale customers and meet them once they show interest? There are various methods to reach out to your potential prospects. You can email them with engaging content that highlights all your USPs and products. However, emails always have a risk of falling into spam folders or crowded inboxes.

You can also opt for cold calling. Cold calling is a traditional B2B selling strategy that many top organizations are still using. Though this strategy has a bad reputation and can be intimidating, you can’t just wipe out the success it brings to many. No harm in giving it a try!

6. Demonstrate at B2B Trade Shows

Mostly, people who attend trade events are decision-makers. They participate in such events to connect with businesses for future business opportunities. That means B2B trade shows are an excellent platform for promoting your products and brand and making more sales.

To maximize the benefits of attending trade shows, you can offer free samples and merchandise to all those who visit your stall. You can also use attention-grabbing strategies like live demonstrations of your products to attract more wholesale customers.

b2b trade show

Final Words

Attracting more customers is a challenge almost all B2B organizations face. With competition rising, it is getting more difficult to generate leads and satisfy existing clients. Luckily, the right marketing strategies can help you beat your competition to the finish line.

The tips mentioned above are crucial to helping you attract more wholesale customers regardless of your product. If you have any questions about attracting new customers, we’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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