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Custom Payment Methods

Add Wholesale Products Manually

Option To Change Pricing Labels

Add Wholesale Pricing for WooCommerce Products

Become a wholesaler today and grow your health and medical business with the help of a WordPress plugin.

Increase Your Health and Medical Products Sales with Our Wholesale Plugin and WooCommerce

Custom Payment Methods

Add Wholesale Products Manually

Option To Change Pricing Labels

Add Wholesale Pricing for WooCommerce Products

Simplify your Wholesale Management, risk free

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Why Should You Sell Wholesale Health and Medical Products?

Health and medical equipment help doctors treat patients efficiently and cost-effectively. A rise in various ailments worldwide has recently caused changes in the medical equipment industry. Statista states that the global healthcare industry revenue is expected to surpass $63 billion in 2023.

The continuing pandemic, which continues to consume healthcare systems’ attention and resources, presents new problems the global healthcare industry continues to meet. However, the wholesale health and medical sector are witnessing constant growth even after the Covid-19 pandemic has stopped affecting lives as it did between 2019 – 2021. Moving ahead, here are the top Health and Medical products you could sell;

Surgical Instruments



Optical Equipment

Lab Equipment

Plant Extracts

If you want to start selling wholesale health and medical products online. This WooCommerce plugin can help you set up your online store capable of dealing with B2C and B2B customers. If you have a WordPress online store or are planning to create one, try this plugin for better results.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is Wholesale for WooCommerce free?

Our wholesale plugin is priced at $99, billed annually. However, if you want to try it, you can install Wholesale for WooCommerce Lite. You can use the lite version for free and witness your WordPress store transform into a hybrid B2C+B2B eCommerce shop.

Which Health and Medical Product is Best to Sell with This Wholesale Solution?

The wholesale for WooCommerce plugin is ideal for selling anything in this industry. You can sell health monitors, face masks, medical supplies, and whatever you like.

After installing the Health and Medical Wholesale Plugin, can we still Operate as a B2C?

Wholesale for WooCommerce provides you with the right tools to make your website perfect for wholesale distribution. With the help of the Wholesale Sales Dashboard and Private Store for Wholesale Customers features, you can hide wholesale prices and products for non-logged-in or guest users on the shop page and keep track of your sales.

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