Wholesale for WooCommerce v2.0 | Release Notes

Wholesale for WooCommerce v2.0 is now live. We are excited to bring you new options and updates such as Step Quanity, Product Attachements (downloadable files) and more.

Wholesale for WooCommerce v2.0

Here is a look at what’s new in Wholesale for WooCommerce v2.0:

Step Quantity

  • Set the product’s minimum or maximum quantity and step of each product individually.
  • Configure interval-based quantity on products and categories (e.g., 2, 4, 6).

Payment Management and Coupons

  • Custom payment methods for wholesale user roles should be added.
  • Allow or restrict wholesale user roles from using custom payment methods.
  • Allow or restrict wholesale user roles from using coupons.

Product Attachments

  • Attach downloadable files to the product’s page (icon, title, attachment, text for download link).
  • Adjust the download file’s attachment link (Before or after the add-to-cart button or after the product summary).

Let’s take a detailed look at the latest version’s new features:

Custom Payment Methods

Payment methods can be shared amongst users. From Wholesale > Settings > Payment Methods, the Admin can allow or disable payment methods.

Go to Wholesale →Settings →Payment Methods.

Custom Payment Methods

Once the administrator has added a payment method, it will appear in the window for adding and editing user roles.

Step Quantity

With the Step Quantity feature, you can sell your goods with minimum quantity choice on product and cart pages.

Configuration of the Product Step Quantity backend (Simple Products):

Step Quantity

Product Step Quantity (Tier Products):

Product Step Quantity (Tier Products)

Product Attachments

Admins can attach downloadable files to products. The files can be downloaded from the Admin’s product page.

Product Attachments

Wholesale Coupons

Admins can create a wholesale coupon for specified wholesale roles. The administrator can create wholesaler role coupons and exclude or include wholesaler roles.

  • Go to wholesale → settings → general tab.
  • Enable Wholesale Coupon.

This is the primary configuration. If the coupon is disabled, the wholesale functionality is disabled.

Wholesale Coupons

  • Go to WooCommerce → Coupons.
  • Edit any coupon, then click on the Wholesale tab.

We’d love to hear your feedback on Wholesale for WooCommerce v2.0 and how we can make it even better in the future!

For more information, please visit our technical documentation. You can also contact our support team for any questions or queries.

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